ISIS: Holy Tears

holytearsI’m one of the most gung-ho CD people I know, and I have a really hard time justifying this CD’s existence. And while it’s got its quality issues, I don’t think that’s the primary reason I don’t like it.

As a single, it’s three tracks. The first track, “Holy Tears,” is from the mediocre (okay, bad)  In The Absence Of Truth, and while it did get a keep rating there, due to some good parts, it’s really not a good song on the whole. With way too many slow, boring parts it hardly qualifies as a “single.” Then you’ve got a Melvins/Lustmord remix of “Not In Rivers/But In Drops,” which is pretty good, but again the source material is a bit meh. Then there’s “Holy Tears” again, live, and sounding awful.

Oh, but wait. It costs $9.97 on  I guess it comes with a video I’d never watch even if I did have the CD. So there’s a song from the album, a pretty good remix, and a s**t live version of the first song. All for $10.

Gee, why is physical media dying? Appropriate that it’s ISIS at their most bloated, too.  Good riddance to you and the petroleum product you rode in on.

– “Holy Tears,” “”Not In Rivers, But In Drops (Remix by Melvins/Lustmord)”
– “Holy Tears (Live)”


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