Los Lobos: By The Light Of The Moon

los_lobos_lightFSuch a beautifully sweet album. Picks up right from where their prior release left off. The first song, again, tells the tale of the Mexican-American immigrant experience. Gone is the hope that accompanied the parting of “A Matter Of Time” and we’re left with the heartbreak of the life as it is now. Gunshots, kidnappings, death, and loneliness, the last a theme revisited heavily in “The Hardest Time.”

But, just like How Will The Wolf Survive?, there’s plenty of fun party music here. “Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)” is the best of these. Most of the rockers, like “My Baby’s Gone,” “River Of Fools,” “All I Wanted To Do Was Dance,” have some kind of loss going on in their lyrics to nicely complement the lilting vocal quality over the course of the album that pulls at the heartstrings.

The Mexican musical influence is less here than it was on their debut, with only “Prenda Del Alma” really owning it. It’s, from what I can tell, a sorrowful song, but you can definitely imagine this playing in a Mexican restaurant (my demographic) or, I suppose, at a party full of Mexican-American immigrants (not my demo).

Anyway, just an awesome, awesome album.

Rating: Clowns for copying only, no rating implied
– “One Time One Night,” “Is This All There Is?,” “All I Wanted To Do Was Dance,” “Set Me Free (Rosa Lee),” “Hardest Time,” “My Baby’s Gone,” “River Of Fools,” “Mess We’re In,” “Tears Of God”
– “Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes,” “Prenda del Alma”
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Song Notes: After the jump

  1. One Time One Night – Would have worked on previous album. Definitely staying in line with expectations at start.
  2. Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes – Okay, but is a little grating.
  3. Is This All There Is? –
  4. Prenda De Alma –
  5. All I Wanted To Do Was Dance –
  6. Set Me Free (Rosa Lee) – So awesome. Probably my favorite song on the disc.
  7. Hardest Time – “Toast to love with paper cups”. What a beautiful guitar solo.
  8. My Baby’s Gone – Real hard rocker.
  9. River Of Fools – God gorgeous. What a voice.
  10. Mess We’re In –
  11. Tears Of God – Christian. I guess I should have realized it was about the crucifixion. “see through the tears of god”. But why can’t xian rock even be this good?

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