Screaming Trees: Other Worlds

otherworlds On Screaming Trees’ debut EP, there is little sign of the band that would come or of the “Seattle sound” of the early 90’s. That’s not that surprising given that this is from 1985(!) or that the band is really from Ellensburg, a college town over one hundred miles east on I-90, on the other side of the mountains. But it is striking in that the other bands from that era–Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden–all had at least some parts of their sound in their very early stuff. Mudhoney (nee Green River) and Alice In Chains in particular had their sound figured out and nailed down very early

With Other Worlds, though, the only real similarity is smartly written, guitar-driven pop songs. It’s more like hippie dippie psychedlia poppy stuff than grunge. Even Mark Lanegan’s voice, which would go on to become, more than anything, the band’s calling card, is nascent here. Instead of the dark, brooding bass, it’s more of a thin, reedy, though competent, tenor.

I like every one of these songs. I wouldn’t skip past a single one. Not one really jumps out at you, though, and that’s in no small part due to the thin, distant sound quality. Great melodies, tightly packed hooks, and no screwing around. It’s an auspicious beginning for one of my favorite bands.

– “Like I Said,” “Pictures In My Mind,” “The Turning,” “Other Worlds,” “Barriers,” “Now Your Mind Is Next To Mine”
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Like I Said –
  2. Pictures In My Mind –
  3. The Turning – bass line is great. Love this song. Might be full heart if it sounded better. But it’s just so thin. Bass is clear, but not full.
  4. Other Worlds – Sweet bass line.
  5. Barriers –
  6. Now Your Mind Is Next To Mine –

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