Satchel: Mr. Pink

mrpinkI’m having some serious cognitive dissonance listening to this. I can’t believe I didn’t get “Mr. Pink” down as a full heart when I reviewed EDC. I mean, it’s not a total slam dunk, but I have no hesitation at all about wanting to share its full, gorgeous sound of layered Shawn Smiths and crunchy guitars.

Well, I’d been thinking about making full heart a bit less restrictive, making it closer to something meaning the combo of mix+keep categories of old instead of just mix. So this seems like a good enough time to make the switch. Important announcement: Please see the last two sentences. That will create a volume (and therefore time) problem when it’s time to create the end-of-year mixes, but let’s go with it, huh?

“Nice Guy Eddie” and “Vic Vega” (you see the Reservoir Dogs theme continues) are also great, though both are much more demo-ish. They feel like great ideas that haven’t quite taken that last step or two through the editing process to get that final releaseable-song product. They kind trail off at the end with a bit of a jam, no vocals, and instruments gradually dropping out. “Vic Vega” in particular should have been resurrected as something more deliberate.

Anyway, it’s all very nearly perfect.

Rating: Clowns for copying only, no rating implied
– “Mr. Pink,” “Vic Vega”
– “Nice Guy Eddie”
Filed Between: Satchel’s EDC and The Family


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