Eleven: Eleven

elevenAlain Johannes, in an interview on Dig Me Out, talked about how their producer on Awake In A Dream didn’t capture how heavy they sounded. This is much heavier, and much better. There’s a ton more low end, a paucity of high end, and a crunchiness to everything that was missing from its more glossy predecessor. Johannes and co-vocalist Natasha Schneider are completely in sync.

If there’s any place where this album falls short, it’s in melodies…kind of. The melodies are all superb, but due to the heavy, deep sound and the fact that the vocals are way back in the mix, the melodies don’t jump out and carry a song. I’m pretty sure that’s intended, but  after just a few listens it’s the aspect that sticks with you the most and makes the album a bit of something you have to work at.

Truth be told I’m kind of stretching to justify a rating of only 4.5 clowns…because it just feels like a 4.5 clown album. Well, I feel like it’s 4.5 in the first half and then a full five over the course of the second half.

– “Ava Tar,” “Slinky,” “Heavy”
– “Crash Today,” “Reach Out,” “Towers,” “Hieronymus,” “Let Down (Left Out, Laughed At),” “Yes, Alright, “Runaway”
Filed Between: Awake In A Dream and Eleventh Dream Day (Beet)


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