2011 Clownies

Yes, 2011, because I’m behind. And if you don’t mind, Ima half-ass this because otherwise it ain’t ever getting done.

Album Of The Year – There’s No 666 In Outer Space by Hella
I reviewed no five clown albums in 2011 and a handful of 4.5 clown albums. Looking over that list the one I remember liking the most was Hella’s.

Artist Of The Year – Imani Coppla
I thought I was going to go with Rick Springfield, because I reviewed so much of his stuff in 2011, but then I realized it was mostly the crap stuff. I also considered Mike Patton who, between his solo stuff and Tomahawk, had two four-clowns discs and one that was 3.5 clowns. But the artists I walk away from most excited about in 2011 was Imani Coppola. Pretty surprised, looking back, that that disc wasn’t 4.5 clowns.

Song Of The Year – “Theme From Mission Magic” by Rick Springfield
It was the Best Song Ever.


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