Tori Amos: Winter

Tori_Amos_-_WinterI got my order mixed up on the review of the Crucify single. This actually preceded that one. This single’s got a bunch of tracks that were recorded about the same time as Little Earthquakes but just didn’t make the album. (I’m totally making this up, but it really sounds like that.)

“The Pool” is probably the most avant-garde thing she’s done, even to date. As a new age track, with sustained keyboard dissonances, it really doesn’t fit into her catalog. A bit hard to listen to, but also very good.

The remaining three tracks are all smack in the mode of Little Earthquakes, with their inward-looking, often dark lyrics and the same type of piano-heavy instrumentation that dominated that disc. They’re all very good, but the middle of these three, “Sweet Dreams,” is my favorite, and the are sorted in increasing order of how they would have fit on her debut album. In particular, I’d definitely trade the last two for, say, “Happy Phantom” and “Mother.”

No real standouts, but a really strong collection.

– “Winter,” “The Pool,” “Take To The Sky,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Upside Down”
Filed Between: Little Earthquakes and Crucify single
Song Notes: After the jump

  1. Winter – I’ve covered this twice already.
  2. The Pool – Probably the most avant-garde thing she’s done. This doesn’t fit into her catalog at all. Very new agey with sustained dissonances. A bit hard to listen to, but also very good.
  3. Take To The Sky – Decent, but you can see why this didn’t make the Little Earthquakes cut.k
  4. Sweet Dreams – my fave on this disc.
  5. Upside Down – Would have fit perfectly on Little Earthquakes.

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