Rocket From The Crypt: Circa: Now!


A fun, sax heavy, snotty punk record from San Diego with plenty of grunge-era downtuning in the guitars. It’s like Seaweed meets Morphine meets Green Day. Abrasive enough that it should get fatiguing, but it doesn’t. Really well crafted, nice attention to sonic design. They’ve got a dirty sound covering a good part of the frequency spectrum. It’s probably not palatable to everybody, but if you dig the sound you’ll find the hooks pretty catchy while also unexpected.

At 38:51, it’s a tight little package that has purpose and a clarity of vision. Every sound here is intentional, every song is good. With the exception of the three worst songs being lumped together in the middle of side two, there’s no fat.

I’ve been really grooving on this one.

– “Don’t Darlene,” “Dollar”
– “Short Lip Fuser,” “Hippy Dippy Do,” “Ditch Digger,” “Killy Kill,” “Hairball Alley,” “Sturdy Wrists,” “March Of Dimes,” “Little Arm,” “Glazed”
Song Notes: After the jump…

  1. Short Lip Fuser – Takes awhile for the disc to get going. They lure you in with this before they really turn on the gas, but this ends up being a sweaty groove kind of thing.
  2. Hippy Dippy Do – Pretty sweet. I guess this was a college “hit,” and it’s one of the more immediately accessible tracks, but it doesn’t quite make my top tier of tracks on the album. More of a bouncy, dancey, party type of thing than the dirty, sweaty thing of the opener.
  3. Ditch Digger – Starts off quite slow and quiet. Turns into an excellent, deliberate banger. “Ditch digger, ditch digger/Lend me some skin/Leprosy’s fun/So let the good times begin.”
  4. Don’t Darlene – My second fave. Vocalist does this awesome thing where he yells “Don’t Darlene” on beats 1, 2, 3, then moves to a syncopated version where he sings it more like a dotted eighth, sixteenth, then quarter note, but it’s a bit more dragged behind the beat than that. Anyway, the contrast is totally sexy.
  5. Killy Kill – Frenetic.
  6. Hairball Alley – And back to deliberate.
  7. Sturdy Wrists – Starts with free jazz chaos drums and horn for about 15 seconds before the deliberate drums/guitar riff in concert comes in. This is the first of the weakest three song stretch on the disc.
  8. March Of Dimes – Probably the weakest song of all.
  9. Little Arm – “I heard you went to the movies/I heard you paid five bucks/How many times must I say/Don’t pay five bucks.”
  10. Dollar – “Dollar of love!” Nope, I think this is my fave.
  11. Glazed – Would normally hate songs that go this long, but this is nice. Ends with “Everybody smoke pot” chant amid other cacophonous shouts.

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