The [Sister-In-Law] Christmas Coalition

Just some notes on the songs included on the very good mix CD my sister-in-law gave me last Christmas. Yeah, I’m slow.

  1. Brand New: “Tautou” – Rough start. Only about 100 seconds. The song’s good, or at least okay, but the lyrics make it broken. “I’m burning like a bridge for your body.”  That has to be the worst simile for burning ever.
  2. The Format: “Inches And Falling” – Oh I hate that voice. Good song, good parts, kind of annoying in parts.  The rocker parts are the best, not too sure they nail it on the silly breakdown parts. Not sure I agree with the lyrics, “I’m love being in love./I don’t care what it does to me,” in particular the latter half doesn’t apply to me.
  3. Metric: “Gold Guns Girls” – This is awesome. One of the two best songs on the disc. Maje international disc, these guys are from Canada.
  4. Billy Joel: “Only The Good Die Young” – I think I covered this before at the old place, right?  On My Baby’s Joel’s Greatest Hits disc? Good, though.
  5. CSS: “Rat Is Dead (Rage)” – Isn’t that the title of a Smashing Pumpkins song?  I feel like I know this.  I def feel like I know her voice. The other best song on here. Band is from Brazil. I love the way she can’t pronounce the English interdental phone (e.g., “th” in “the” becomes “d”). Can’t think of this band without thinking of cascading style sheets. Also love the lead singers breathy inhales before singing a line.
  6. The Dandy Warhols: “Bohemian Like You” – There’s a classic rock song (I think) that this reminds me of. Pretty good.
  7. Fleetwood Mac: “Dreams” – I think I always thought this was a Stevie Nicks song.  You know what I mean. I hate it. I have never understood the appeal of Rumours.
  8. Operator Please: “Catapult” – Pumpin’. Australian.
  9. Jenny O.: “I’m Gonna Love You Too” – Did this chick do an iTunes commercial? Can’t find any evidence she did, but she’s got that wispy voice they love. This is a Buddy Holly cover, and I can’t think of what this song sounds like if I’m not listening to it. Unsurprisingly, the Buddy Holly version is better, which is what makes this broken, but I’m not even crazy about that gaspy performance.
  10. K’s Choice: “Until I’m Fine” – Very nice and continuing with the slowed down thing. From Belgium.
  11. The Cardigans: “I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer” – Great. Might have been full if not for that weird dog part at the beginning. Yes, this is the Swedish band that did “Lovefool.” And no, that song is not nearly as good as you remember it. But this is probs my third-fave song here.
  12. Metric: “Black Sheep” – Good, but you hardly notice it. I mean, I can never remember what’s going on with this song when I’m not listening to it.
  13. Operator Please: “Volcanic” – A little annoying. It’s not terrible, but it’s not very good, either.
  14. She & Him: “Sentimental Heart” – Bleh.
  15. Metric: “Help I’m Alive” – Pretty sweet. Takes a bit too long to get going. And there are some draggy parts. It’s like the germ of a great song is there.
  16. Ben Folds: “The Luckiest” – Ugh. It has some redeeming features, like the melody of the verses is sweet and the lyrics are sentimental if a little overdone and awkward (it is Ben Folds, after all). But I can’t say I like this.

– “Gold Guns Girls” (Metric), “Rat Is Dead (Rage)” (CSS)
– “Inches And Falling” (The Format), “Only The Good Die Young” (Billy Joel), “Bohemian Like You” (The Dandy Warhols), “Catapult” (Operator Please), “Until I’m Fine” (K’s Choice), “I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer” (The Cardigans), “Black Sheep” (Metric), “Help I’m Alive” (Metric)
– “Tautou” (Brand New), “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac), “I’m Gonna Love You Too” (Jenny O.), “Volcanic” (Operator Please), “Sentimental Heart” (She & Him), “The Luckiest” (Ben Folds)
Filed Between: Ravi Shankar (Incredible Ravi Shankar: Raga Charukauns) and Richard Shindell (Somewhere Near Patterson)


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