Indigo Girls: Retrospective


The band’s greatest hits album from 2000.  They’ve released six studio albums since then, so I’m assuming that some kind of box set or something is due soonish.  This one’s got all the ones you know.  It’s Indigo Girls, it’s a greatest hits album. I can’t write anything more about that. If you don’t know what Indigo Girls sound like, this is not the venue.

Okay, one note. Based on my recent review of the album and what’s here, I think Swamp Ophelia may be the band’s worst album.

Song notes pre-jump since it’s a greatest hits disc.

  1. Strange Fire – Amy.  Very good.  From 1987 debut Strange Fire.
  2. Closer To Fine – Love this song, but this lyric just steers me balls: “The less I seek my source for some definitive.”  Definitive what? Answer? This is probably their biggest hit, right?  From their 1989 self-titled release. Interesting note on that album: It got them nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy, but they dodged a bullet on that one as they were one of the artists to lose to Milli Vanilli in that notorious vote. Emily.
  3. Kid Fears – Seems overwrought first time through.  It is overwrought, plodding, but not altogether bad. Sounds like Michael Stipe might be guesting.  They do have the Georgia (Athens?) connection. Yep, Wikipedia says it’s Stipe. Amy. From Indigo Girls. Dark-sounding.
  4. Watershed – From 1990’s Nomads Indians Saints. I would have preferred they include “Pushing The Needle Too Far” from that album.
  5. Three Hits – Like “Galileo” starts off with a David Byrne, Paul Simon, Mickey Hart, Peter Gabriel kind of psuedo-world drumming.  Well, the first three of those guys, in particular Hart’s, were legit. Very cool. From 1992’s Rites Of Passage, which I reviewed on my original blog. Amy.
  6. Galileo – From Rites Of Passage.  Had it as mix in original review.  Hmm, okay, fine, I don’t want to overthink it.
  7. Ghost – Rites Of Passage.
  8. Reunion – From Swamp Ophelia. Definitely coming to the conclusion that Swamp Ophelia may be the weakest IG album.
  9. Power Of Two – From Swamp Ophelia
  10. Least Complicated – from Swamp Ophelia
  11. Shame On You – Spends the first 40 seconds or so promising a big eruption, but it doesn’t quite deliver when it heads to bridge/chorus. If they really pulled out into a huge rock there it would probs be a mixer. From 1997’s Shaming Of The Sun.
  12. Get Out The Map – Shaming Of The Sun. One of Emily’s best, along with “Closer To Fine.” Great road trip song, so it gets mixed for that.
  13. Go – Real nice heavy rock. Sludgy. Has some weight, mass. Nice bridge/key change thing going on, too. I’ll make this a mixer…very good. From 1999’s Come On Now Social.
  14. Trouble – “Get to the point of it”. Come On Now Social.
  15. Devotion – I’ma assume these last two are ones added just for this album. Maybe B-sides or something.
  16. Leaving – Sweet. Country nasal twang, but it works. They are from Georgia, after all (right?).

“Galileo,” “Get Out The Map,” “Go”
Keep: “Strange Fire,” “Closer To Fine,” “Three Hits,” “Least Complicated,” “Shame On You,” “Trouble,” “Leaving”
Like: “Kid Fears,” “Watershed,” “Ghost,” “Reunion,” “Devotion”
Filed Between: Indigo Girls’ 1200 Curfews and Jim Infantino (The World Of Particulars)


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