BR5-49: Coast To Coast Live

coasttocoastWhenever I comment on the tastiness of something My Baby’s made me to eat, her reply is always something along the lines of “I made it with love” or “It’s because of all the love I added.” It occurred to me the other night that the problem with this album, as well as that of its predecessor, is that it wasn’t made with love. There are some (some) good songs (mostly at the very top of the disc) and the playing is all just as technically competent as it always was. Gary Bennett’s voice has the same classic quality. But whereas BR5-49 was made with such care that it’s brimming with emotion at every note, these last two albums of theirs just feel so much more tossed off and by the numbers. No love.

I’m glad I came back to them, to get a better sense of where there actually were good songs, but it was never enough to change my opinion that the band took a serious drop after their first two releases.

“Tell Me Mama,” “Sweet, Sweet Girl,” “Pourin’ Pain”
“Even If It’s Wrong,” “Better Than This,” “Big Mouth Blues,” “Six Days On The Road,” “You’re A Hum-Dinger”
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BR5-49’s Big Backyard Beat Show and Brad (Shame)
Song Notes:
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  1. Tell Me Mama – At the very least the introduction of band keeps this below mix. May move up to keep.
  2. Even If It’s Wrong – Intro is of a guy from Cougar, Washington, a former town pop. 122 as of 1990.  Not as oomph as original, so I’ll give it a like.  The only one on this album they’ve done before.  Which seems awfully weird for a live album.
  3. Sweet, Sweet Girl –
  4. Pourin’ Pain –
  5. Uneasy Rider – The one about the liberal amidst the hicks
  6. Better Than This – “There can’t be nothin’ better than this.”
  7. Waitin’ For The Axe –
  8. Brain Cloudy Blues – Lotsa talkin’ at the start of this.  I hate this.
  9. Big Mouth Blues – Two blues in a row. May move up to keep.
  10. Six Days On The Road –
  11. Cracker Jack – Pretty sure I don’t like this. Too silly bluesy.  The Elvis-y vocals thing is pretty overdone.
  12. You’re A Hum-Dinger – Concert ends with previous track.  This is in the studio.

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