BR5-49: Big Backyard Beat Show

There are some good songs here, but it’s not a very satisfying album due to two related problems.  First, there’s just a bunch of marginal and bad songs.  Second, the good songs are distributed in such a way that you have to really listen a lot to realize they’re there.  (There’s a third reason, too, where I can’t help but let my opinion of the band’s excellent prior album color this one as a disappointment.)

You get one, at most two, really good songs in a row and then a cruddy song or two creeps in to spoil your mood.  If you get any kind of listening enjoyment momentum built up, those bummer tunes are a gut punch, making the entire thing feel like a bit of  a slog.  You’re either listening to a song you don’t like or waiting for the other shoe to drop when you’re listening to a good one. I guess an optimist would either be enjoying the current song or looking forward to the good one coming up, but that’s an optimist.

I don’t think you’re missing anything by not having this except the mixes and keeps.  That’s half of the songs.  They’re good enough for me to pump it up to 3.5 clowns instead of three, but barely.

“There Goes My Love,” “Hurtin’ Song,” “18 Wheels And A Crowbar,” “Seven Nights To Rock”
Keep: “Goodbye Maria,” “Change The Way I Look,” “Georgia On A Fast Train”
Like: “Wild One,” “Out Of Habit,” “Storybook Endings (If You Stop Believin’),” “Pain, Pain Go Away,” “You Flew The Coop”
Ditch: “You Are Never Nice To Me,” “My Name Is Mudd”
Filed Between: BR5-49 and BR5-49’s Coast To Coast Live

  1. There Goes My Love – “There goes the reason that I sigh.”  (Awesome.)  Is this theirs?  It sounds like a classic.
  2. Wild One – meh.  “I’m a real wild child.”
  3. Hurtin’ Song – Another bittersweetly beautiful tune.
  4. Out Of Habit – A bit cheesy.  This is a great drum line but it seems to fight the song a little bit.
  5. Storybook Endings (If You Stop Believin’) –
  6. 18 Wheels And A Crowbar – Suffers from not being as dirty and raw as the Live From Robert’s version, but in the end I think this is better.  It sounds cleaner, bigger, and there’s not the audience noise at the end that prevented that one from being a mixer.
  7. Pain, Pain Go Away – I like this, kind of.  Sometimes.
  8. You Are Never Nice To Me – And this one is more clear cut as a ditch.  Or is it growing on me as well?
  9. Goodbye, Maria – Tejano-flavored.  Very nice.  For a long time I thought the lyrics meant he killed her, but then I realized he’s killing himself.  I wonder if that misdirection early in the song is intentional or if I just jumped to conclusions.
  10. Seven Nights To Rock – Rock, indeed.  Silly lyrics, but awesome song.
  11. My Name Is Mudd – Probably the worst one on here.
  12. You Flew The Coop – Pretty bad, but the way the guitar sounds like a chicken is awesome.  Okay fine, that puts it up to like.
  13. Change The Way I Look – Can’t believe it took me so long to decide whether or not this was like or keep.  It’s great.  Love that drum beat after “knocking back stares(?)”
  14. Georgia On A Fast Train – These last two are really growing on me, and ended up being a big part of why I moved it up from three to 3.5 clowns.

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