Brad: Welcome To Discovery Park

Here’s another Brad album I was completely wrong about at first.  Or is that at second?

On my first listen to this, back when it came out, I really loved it.  But repeated listens changed my mind…I hated it.  I remember thinking it was too easy, too obvious by which I guess my idiot 27-year-old self thought it was too good on first listen or something.

I can’t be quite sure of what idiot criteria I applied when deciding I hated this, but I think a lot of it had to do with the same-key, same-tempo stuff.  It’s kind of a collection of songs that stays, with a few exceptions, in the same place. The songs are mostly slowly moving vehicles for guitarist Stone Gossard and Shawn Smith to do their magic over.  The exceptions are a couple of rockers in “Drop It Down” and “Revolution” and a couple of rich, atmospheric mood pieces like “All Is One” and “Arrakis” that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a 1993 album out of Seattle.

So at 13 songs, then, you’ve got nine that cover quite a bit of the same ground, but when the songs are this good, who cares?  This is amazing, and I think I may like it even better than Interiors.


– “Revolution,” “La, La, La,” “Yes, You Are”
– [everything else]
Filed Between: Brad’s Interiors and Billy Bragg & Wilco (Mermaid Avenue)

Track Listing and Notes:

  1. Brothers And Sisters –
  2. Shinin’ –
  3. Drop It Down –
  4. Never Let Each Other Down –
  5. If You Could Make It Good –
  6. Revolution –
  7. Takin’ It Easy –
  8. Sheepish –
  9. All Is One –
  10. Couch T-Bone – the “ba ba ba baaa baaaa baaaaa” song
  11. La, La, La – “It’s so cold and lonely/And I just need some sun”.  Very T-Rex riff.
  12. Yes, You Are –
  13. Arrakis –

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