Seaweed: Weak

Until my recent foray into the rest of the band’s catalog, this was the only album I’d ever heard by Seaweed, and it’s still the only actual CD of theirs I own.  So it’s a re-review, therefore I’ll keep it short.

Basically this is like Despised plus.  I mean, same vibe, tight, melodic punk with a complete monster on drums in Bob Bulgrien, even down to Jack Endino (who I ❤ more every time I realize he did one more of my favorite albums) as the producer.  My main complaints, such as they were, with Despised was the songwriting and the fact that it faded in quality over the second half.  Both of those problems are fixed here, but you still have the same kind of monochromatic thing going on and Stauffer is more of a vocal stylist than a singer.  But those are hardly big complaints when you’re coiled this tightly and strike this hard.

I love this album.  Love many of the songs, like them all.  Because it was my only exposure to the band, I was disappointed that their SP20 set covered so little of it, even though I still loved everything they played.  So the other side of that disappointment coin is that maybe the rest of their catalog is even better and I’ll be even more thrilled with the upcoming Four.

“New Tools,” “Squint”
“Recall,” “The Way It Ends,” “Stagger,” “Taxing,” “Bill,” “Clean Slate”
“Baggage,” “Bill,” “Shut Up!”

Song notes:

  1. Recall – The sound kinda sucks.  Very thin.  I can kind of hear the bass, but I can’t feel it.  Super energy, which is awesome.
  2. The Way It Ends – “If a fault is found/Assured it’s mine.”
  3. Baggage –
  4. Stagger – Like the tempo changes.  The best song on the album?  Probably doesn’t match up to “New Tools.” “Got near 20 years out of this arm/Got near 20 years out of this leg”
  5. Taxing –
  6. New Tools – God I love that pounding snare that is so tight throughout this album.  It’s the signature element of hardcore, in my mind.  But these guys add melody.  Also a candidate for best track on the album.  “Your analogies won’t comfort me.”
  7. Bill – Could be keep maybe.
  8. Clean Slate –
  9. Shut Up! –
  10. Squint –

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