Counting Crows: August And Everything After

This was an odd one to come back to for a re-review.  I loved this when it came out my freshman year in college, and I’ve been able to rely on it ever since.  Every time I’d come back to it I’d be able to dive right into it again and soak it all in.  I’ve always appreciated the sound, songcraft, and, most of all, the structure of the songs, which always seemed to contain some amazing bridge or at least a B verse that brought a completely different feel and color to the song.  It all added up to a rich experience.  Every time.  Until now.

I still like it quite a bit, but I found myself getting way more annoyed by Adam Duritz’s whiny singing and rolling my eyes at the overwrought self-pity than I ever imagined I could before.  Whereas before my favorite songs were “Raining In Baltimore” and then probably “Round Here” and “Omaha,” now I can hear why “Mr. Jones” was the big hit and I’ve decided the two best songs are the previously-overlooked-by-me “Rain King” and the album-closing “A Murder Of One.”

I’m not sure if the album hit its expiration date or I changed, but it’s probably a combination of the two.  I can still listen to this and enjoy it from start to finish, which is saying quite a bit, but it’s just that now I think I’ll rarely choose to do so.

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Song Notes:

  1. Round Here – Previously a song I loved so much, now I think it’s just too whiny and slow for me to keep it.  I do like it quite a bit, though.
  2. Omaha –
  3. Mr. Jones – As I’ve started to like the album less this one has revealed more to me why it was such a hit.
  4. Perfect Blue Buildings – Another one that seems to whiny/slow for me now.
  5. Anna Begins – These lyrics about “the moments when I’m shuddering” really get at how I felt about/around girls for much of my life.  Just completely powerless and overcome, helpless.  I kinda mourn that part of me, or at least being able to feel empathy with those feelings.  But I’m pretty sure I’m happier now.
  6. Time And Time Again – At his whiniest here.  Like the lyrics.  Like the big build, but I don’t think I can keep this now.
  7. Rain King – This may be becoming one of my faves on the disc.
  8. Sullivan Street –
  9. Ghost Train – “How do you do?”
  10. Raining In Baltimore – I think this used to be one of my favorites, and now I really don’t like the start.  I think I start to enjoy it later, but….  Man, this is driving me nuts now, I may drop it to ditch even.
  11. A Murder Of One – This may now be my fave album on the disc.

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