King Sunny Adé: Rhapsody Artist Sampler

I always get this guy mixed up with Sun Ra.  Probably because I learned about both of them in the same world music class in high school.  His Wikipedia page begins:

King Sunny Adé (Sunday Adeniyi, born September 22, 1946) is a popular performer of Yoruba Nigerian Jùjú music and a pioneer of modern world music. He has been classed as one of the most influential musicians of all time.

Also according to Wikipedia, his discography consists of 123(!) items.  So obviously these seven tracks taken from two albums (E Dide (Get Up) and Juju Music) can’t really do justice to his output, but I really like what I hear.  It’s guitar- and synth-driven dance-pop, and it’s light on the bass and crunch we are familiar with in our music.  He actually covers a lot of stylistic ground, even kind of going Sun Ra with weird spacey tripped out sections sometimes.  At other times, though, he stays in a groove a little too long, rendering it moldy.

If anybody knows where else to attack this discography from, let me know.  It’s awfully daunting as it is.

  1. E Dide E Mujo – Cool.  Faster, kinda quiet.  “Let your feelings show/Let your body move/Juju music is so nice/…”  A fun dancey tune.  Totally loveable.  Keep.
  2. Eje Nio Gba Ara Mi – Has some cool spacey effects.  Slow, very chill.  Seems like it might get bogged down in the middle.  Even a little bit funky in parts.  Just a really interesting track.  Keep.
  3. Ose, Ose – Really like this.  The beginning is awesome with a great riff and some seemingly added beats that kind of knock you off of what you’re expecting.  The middle’s meh enough not to mix, so keep.
  4. Yoruba – Very sweet arpeggiated guitar melody to start.  Then fairly meh throughout.  Like.
  5. Ja Funmi – Another great start, but a bit too long and static to keep.  Like.
  6. Alashe L’Aiye – Starts off kinda hyper.  This is my least favorite of the bunch.  I’m not sure the freneticism works here.  Or it may just be the tune that’s not pulling me in.  Like.
  7. 365 Is My Number / The Message – Pretty cool.  Another long one with all kinds of spacey effects in “The Message.”  “Call me Danny(?) That’s my number.”  Is that the Jùjú version of “Rikki don’t you lose that number?”  Keep.

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