Six Tracks From Amazon MP3

I don’t even know why I have these, but I can tell they’re from Amazon MP3..  I guess they were giving away free tracks in September?  Probably, since most of these lie somewhere between suck and has-some-decent-attributes.

  1. Wye Oak: “Holy Holy” – Is it supposed to sound like that?  I can’t handle it.  Ditch, because of the sound.  It’s a good song, otherwise.
  2. Eleanor Friedberger: “Last Summer” – Pretty good groove.  But standard Sheryl Crow-y jangle vibe.  After the first minute or so it’s not all that compelling.  I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt with a like.
  3. Nikki Jean: “Steel And Feathers (Don’t Ever)” – A slow n’ easy vibe.  She’s from St. Paul, so there’s Fat Clown cred right there.  Breathy vocals, slide guitar, could work on AAA or Country radio.  Because she’s doing instrument-heavy pop and she’s light-skinned black (I think) I want to make an Alicia Keys comparison, but it’s not really there.  Like.
  4. Katy B: “Broken Record (Jacques Greene Remix)” – Like.  Dancey trancey kinda thing that’s quite sparse and cold instrumentally contrasting with her warm but kinda weak voice.  Some good parts, but it’s not really close to being kept.
  5. Nick 13: “Carry My Body Down” – Country-ish.  Slide and steel guits.  Inoffensive.  Enjoyable enough, but pretty boilerplate.  Like.
  6. Ziggy Marley: “Africa Land” – I shouldn’t be allowed to grade world music.  The song is fine, synth-heavy moombahton, or what I think moombahton sounds like based on what I’ve heard of it.  But the lyrics…it’s just really hard for me to be optimistic about “united Africa” songs given the continent’s history. And to just name regions seems very pedestrian: “North Africa/West Africa/Central Afica/East Africa/South Africa/Oh beautiful Africa Land.”  I hate being cynical, but this really sets of my naivete alarms.  Like.

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