SPIN’s September (2011) Playlist

Not sure how I ended up with this SPIN playlist but no other SPIN playlists.  I mean, I’m assuming it’s a monthly thing.  It was probably a Largehearted Boy link or something.  However it was, I have to say this doesn’t make me want to listen to any more of these SPIN playlists no matter how free they are.  There’s two absolutely shite songs and a decent amount of mediocrity after that, too.  But, in fairness to the other artists, I may have rushed past them more quickly in my effort to never ever listen to the Prurient or Sun Araw tracks again.

  1. Twin Shadow: “Castles In The Snow” – Cool sounds.  Pretty sweet.  Rich, fat synth track, laid back, with a slow but kicking beat.  Maybe a touch too repetitive, but it’s not even three minutes, so how bad could it be.  Might have been just like in the context of the whole album, but this gets promoted to keep to keep an artist I might potentially be really interested in top of mind.
  2. EMA: “Milkman” – Another one that seems to intentionally sound really bad.  I guess I’m just old.  Talk about all subtlety being lost.  This is the loudness wars brought to a ridiculous conclusion…or just a continuation.  Holy ass this sounds bad.  Breathy, “tortured” vocals over a pretty dull beat in the A sections.  Mixes up to some cool rhythms in the B sections, but those sound the worst.  I guess I can let this get away with being like, but I’m assuming the sound quality is intentional to give it that rating.
  3. Male Bonding: “Bones” – Way too compressed, but not a bad song.  Fast-ish guitar rock, which really stands out on this playlist.  But that compression makes it sound more synth-y.  Which is weird…I mean, either be a guitar band or a synth band, but why try to be both by sounding bad?  Nice how the A and B sections contrast so much despite the basic guitar and drums tracks being the same.  Would have been keep, but the sound takes it down to like.  Plus it’s too long.
  4. Thundercat: “Daylight” – Sounds pretty sweet.  Very fun.  Short and sweet…they make their cool sounds and get out of the way before you realize the songwriting’s limited.  Not a ton of energy, they do a loungy jazz thing complete with that style of vocal harmonies.  It works.  Synth sound is a very quickly decaying, round 80’s sound.  Gets mixed for being so playful.
  5. Pictureplane: “Post Physical” – One of the better ones here.  Which isn’t saying much, but this is pretty good.  So flipping cheese with that worst-of-the-80’s synths sound, but still kinda good.  A really unique sound, but it gets a little old after a while.  Like.
  6. Prurient: “Let’s Make A Slave” – These lyrics are so stupid.  “Give birth to something dead/Give birth to something cold/Give life to those who hate you.”  And they’re just whisper-chanted.  I hope this guy is 16, because that’s the only explanation for such trite faux-darkness.  So obviously influenced by Nine Inch Nails.  Ditch.
  7. Sun Araw: “Crete” – 9.5 minutes and it never goes anywhere.  This is the worst song I have ever heard.  I never want to hear it again.  Ditch.
  8. Jacuzzi Boys: “Cool Vapors” – Standard indie pop-punk with an emphasis on pop (like Ramones crossed with Teenage Fanclub) fare.  Good enough, but it’s not blowing me away or breaking any new ground.  Choruses push it toward keep, but the verses are too whiny.  Like.
  9. Milagres: “Here To Stay” – Some cool sounds, not a great song.  Starts off with a nice propulsive rhythm in keys but before too long ends up languishing with a too-slow vocal track.  Does he say the birds are singing in the key of H?  And, if so, does he know German composers in the 18th century sometimes referred to B natural as H?  Like.
  10. The War On Drugs: “Come To The City” – Bob Dylan vocal quality and lyrics but with more held notes (and even a Springsteen “whoo hoo” right off of Nebraska with that reverb and everything) over a very lush synth track.  Compressed way too much, sounds like ass, but it’s a darned good song.  Keep.

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