Three Starbucks Tracks

Here are three more songs I picked up on those cards in Starbucks.

  1. Liam Finn + Eliza Jane: “Honest Face” – Kinda sounds like ass, but it’s kind of an okay song.  It’s in the vein of that standard adult alternative inoffensive but somewhat fresh sounding rock that so many of these Starbucks songs are.  The same line in the chorus gets repeated way too much.  Do you think Liam Finn is a partnership between Liam Neeson and Neil Finn?  Because that’s the only thing I can think of.  There’s a lot of silence at the end followed by sounds of traffic, which doesn’t seem to make any sense here.  It has some good parts that make it a like, but combined with the shoddy sound it gets ditched.
  2. Daniel Isaiah: “High Twilight” – Slow.  It sounds just like Wye Oak’s “Civilian” at the beginning.  And then it’s not as good as that.  Very standard moody singer-songwriter stuff with like three guitars, including a spooky slide thing.  Has an okay feel, but pretty weak on the songwriting front.  Nice harmonic movement in parts, but that’s about it.  Also yawn.  Ditch.
  3. Little Dragon: “Ritual Union” – Loves the fat, clean bass line.  Super catchy pop, but the songwriting needs a boost: it never seems to get out of the gear it starts in.  Fantastic sounds, cool rhythm.  I was actually surprised to see this on so few year-end lists given how ubiquitous it was for a few weeks in the fall.  Somehow I ended up with like three or four copies.  Mix.

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