Fat Clown’s Best Albums Of 2011

Despite what you may have read elsewhere, this is a list of the best albums of 2011.  These are not the best albums I listened to last year…those are the Clownies.  These are the best albums that were released in 2011 that I also listened to last year.  If you get confused, you’re stupid.  Which is probably why you never comment, you milquetoast weenie snivelly shit.

Amazingly, there were actually seven albums that fit the criteria for this list.  That’s six more than I was able to rank in 2010.  So, here we go, the seven best albums of 2011.

1 Clown

7. Radiohead: King Of Limbs – Great songs, horses**t production.

3-3.5 Clowns Rating Cop-out
6. Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack – Reviewed during a low point for me on the year so it either gained or lost a half-clown because I just couldn’t bring myself to care about the difference.  That maybe wasn’t such a bad decision, either.  Very good documentary, decent soundtrack.

3.5 Clowns

5. The Airborne Toxic Event – All At Once (Deluxe Edition w/ DVD) – Got 3.5 clowns in a fairly disappointed review.  The main problem was the sound.  The songs were much better, and I continued to enjoy “All I Ever Wanted” and “Half Of Something Else” quite a bit as the year went on.  I re-listened to this in order to separate it from the other two 3.5-clown discs, expecting to like it much more.  But the sound really, really sucks.  The next two discs were harder to differentiate, each with very strong points but also carrying some unavoidable flaws.

4. Gangpol & Mit: The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club – Cool sounds, catchy and experimental songwriting, but it’s only kind of fully executed well on about half of the disc.

3. Melvins: Sugar Daddy Live – A live album from The Melvins from their Nude With Boots tour.  Good, not great.

4 Clowns

2. Adele: 21Great album that completely dominated the music industry all year long as a January release.  A shoo-in for the Grammy, for whatever ridiculously named award this is eligible for.

And the best album of 2011….

4.5 Clowns
1. The Book Of Knots: Garden Of Fainting Stars – Amazingly not on anybody else’s best of list.  Everybody else was wrong.  This was a challenging, dense album.  But it was also amazing and nearly perfect.


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