Two Starbucks Tracks

Here are a couple more free downloads I’ve picked up via those cards in Starbucks.

City And Colour: “Fragile Bird” – Not bad.  A bit of a slow groove thing.  Pretty sparse instrumentation, but a fat enough keys sound gives it its mood.  The bridge and choruses, with a slow burn while maintaining an uplifting feel, are the highlights.  Might only be like if I had more of the band, but this is good enough to want to keep front of mind, so keep.

Madeline Peyroux: “The Kind You Can’t Afford” – About how she’s poor and there’s a rich “you” in the song.  But she’s got real good lovin’, the kind “you” can’t afford.  It’s got a bit of that cheesy blues feel like Clapton or Bonnie Raitt.  I don’t know why her vocals are recorded so hot, either.  As much as I love 99% solidarity and taxing the ultra-rich, this kind of “your life is empty” attack on them itself seems empty, foolish, and meaningless.  Not crazy about the song, either.  Ditch.


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